Courses and Reflection Questions

Courses and Reflection Questions

Courses with international content offer new ways to see the world without (or before) leaving Boone. If you wish to obtain the certificate, we ask that you complete nine credit hours of courses with international content, in addition to language courses already required.

Courses with the GLO designator are perfect for the certificate. Check them out here!

Since many of the GLO courses are also part of our General Education program, you may already have taken some of them! This is how the certificate can intersect with all of our majors!

The Final Reflection can be part of the work you do in your major capstone course.  The reflection questions below should give you a general idea about how you can synthesize your experiences.  Students have integrated the reflection questions into portfolios or webpages.  You can see examples from two History and History Education students: Claire Eubanks (see Additional Projects) and Katie Haynes.  Katie has a tab on her webpage dedicated to Global Connections.  We have also had students submit blogs, photoessays,  and traditional papers. If you have questions about appropriate courses, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Hellenbrand!

Global Connections Certificate: Reflection Questions:

1. How do the international-related experiences (study abroad, foreign language) you have gained while pursuing the Global Connections Certificate complement and enhance your studies and life here at Appalachian?

2. What were your perceptions about cultural values and norms at home and in other countries before you began your experiences? How have they changed as you finish the Certificate? Please include both general ideas and specific examples.

3. Why do you think it is important for students to “internationalize” their studies and everyday lives? How will you continue to do so in the future?

4. Reflect on your experiences abroad, coursework, co-curricular and volunteer activities. What are the common themes that connect these opportunities for you? How have they helped you understand the interconnectedness of the world and global affairs?

5. How have the experiences and insights you have gained changed the way you see your own role in this global society?